«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Abulkhair (Abilkhair)
1693 — 1748
Abulkhair (Abilkhair), Abilkhair Mukhambet Gazi Bakhadur-Khan (1693 – 12 August 1748), descendant of Chingizid Osek, Khan of the Junior Zhuz.
Abylay Khan (Abilmansur)
1711 — 1781
He was an outstanding statesman, brave military commander and visionary politician. Abylay was also known as talented kyuyshi who was deeply familiar with Kazakh folklore and loved it.
Abilmambet khan
1690 — 1771
Abilmambet (Abulmambet) khan (near 1690-1771) is a Middle Zhuz khan, elder son of Bolat khan, grandson of Tauke khan and a descendant of the senior branch of the Kazakh khans from Zhadik dynasty.
1510 — 1580
AKNAZAR (Khaknazar, Khakk-Nazar – in Russian sources) – statesman, military leader, khan. Son of Kasym Khan.
1783 — 1833
ARYNGAZY Abulgaziyev (reigned in 1816-1821), statesman, sultan, khan. Great-grandson of Batyr Sultan, grand-nephew of Abilkhair Khan.