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Kerey Khan
Оne of the founders and first khan of the Kazakh Khanate.
Abylay Khan (Abilmansur)
1711 — 1781
He was an outstanding statesman, brave military commander and visionary politician. Abylay was also known as talented kyuyshi who was deeply familiar with Kazakh folklore and loved it.
Kenesary Khan
1802 — 1847
Statesman, military leader and head of the national liberation struggle of the Kazakh people against the Russian Empire, 1837-1847, the last khan of the Kazakh Khanate.
Zhanibek Khan
Kazakh Khan, one of the founders of the Kazakh Khanate and its ruler, presumably, in the years 1474-1480.
Third Khan of the Kazakh Khanate, the ruler of the Kazakh Khanate presumably in the years 1480-1511, the son of Kerey Khan.
Kasym Khan
1455 — 1524
Leader of the Kazakh Khanate from about 1511 to 1523
5th Khan Kazakh Khanate, the ruler of the Kazakh Khanate presumably in the years 1518-1522-1523.
Tauke Khan
Tauke Khan (1680 - 1718) was a Kazakh khan of the Kazakh khanate.
Zholbarys Khan
1690 — 1740
Zholbarys khan (1690-1740) was the khan of Great juz and son of Abdullah. The family was descended from an unknown branch of the Kazakh dynasty of Genghis’s descendants.
Tahir khan was the sixth Kazakh khan. He governed after death Mamash khan (supposedly from 1521/1522 or 1523 to 1529/1531). He was the son of Adik sultan, the eldest brother of Kasym khan. A year of b
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