«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Raiymbek Batyr
Famous Kazakh warrior
Amangeldy Imanov
1837 — 1919
People warrior, the organizer of the national liberation uprising of the Kazakh people in 1916
Syrym Datov
Sergeant Major of the Kazakh kind Baybakty, the leader of the national anti-feudal and anti-colonial movements of the Kazakhs of the Little Horde in the years 1783-1797.
Qajimuqan Mungaytpasuli
Was a Kazakh wrestler and repeated World Champion in Greco-Roman wrestling.
Manshuk Mametova
1922 — 1943
Hero of the Soviet Union
Nauryzbai Batyr
The hero of the war against Jungars, general - the head of ten thousand troops tumens.
Bogenbay Batyr
Bogenbay Batyr was a famous Kazakh warrior from the 18th century.
Kabanbai Batyr
Kabanbai - one of the commanders who participated directly in the fight against Jungar invaders. The people called him Karakerey Kabanbai.
Isatay Taymanuly
Isatay Taymanuly was a Kazakh hero ("batyr") and leader.
Alia Moldagulova
1925 — 1944
Sniper 54th Separate Infantry Brigade 22th Army of the 2nd Baltic Front, Corporal. Hero of the Soviet Union.
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