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Raiymbek Batyr
Famous Kazakh warrior
Nauryzbai Batyr
The hero of the war against Jungars, general - the head of ten thousand troops tumens.
Bogenbay Batyr
Bogenbay Batyr was a famous Kazakh warrior from the 18th century.
Kabanbai Batyr
Kabanbai - one of the commanders who participated directly in the fight against Jungar invaders. The people called him Karakerey Kabanbai.
Begeldinov Talgat Yakubekovich
Soviet ground-attack pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Aviation Kazakhstan.
Otegen Batyr
One of the most famous warriors who fought against the invaders Dzungar in the first half of the XVIII century
Zhalantos Batyr
Military leader, the Emir of Samarkand
Karasaj Batyr
The great warrior of the Kazakh people
Bukenbay Karabatuly
Prominent statesman, famous warrior and hereditary bii. He was one of the main organizers of liberation fight against Dzhungar and Kalmyks aggression in 18th century.
Asau Barackuly
Famous warrior, hereditary bii and governor of tribe, organisor of liberation fight against colonial politics of Russian empire.
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