«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Abai Qunanbayuli
1845 — 1904
Abay (Ibrahim) Qunanbayuli (August 10, 1845–July 6, 1904) was a great Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher. He was also a cultural reformer toward European and Russian cultures on the basis of Islam
Korqyt Ata
The great thinker of the Turkic peoples, the famous bard, storyteller, kobyzshy. Known as a historical figure, who left a rich literary and musical heritage.
Asan Kaigy
Kazakh bard, poet, philosopher, known as the advisor of one of the founders of the Kazakh Khanate - Khan Janibek.
Aiteke Bi
The statesman, one of the three biys made ​​a great contribution fate of the Kazakh people.
Shaken Aimanov Kenzhetaevich
Kazakh Soviet actor and film director. People's Artist of the USSR. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1940.
Akan Sere
Akin, composer
Suyunbai Aronuly
Akin Kazakh people, the master of the art of improvisation.
Renowned scientist and philosopher of the Islamic Golden Age. He was also a cosmologist, logician, and musician.