«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Korqyt Ata
The great thinker of the Turkic peoples, the famous bard, storyteller, kobyzshy. Known as a historical figure, who left a rich literary and musical heritage.
Asan Kaigy
Kazakh bard, poet, philosopher, known as the advisor of one of the founders of the Kazakh Khanate - Khan Janibek.
Kazybek Bi
Great Kazakh bi belonged to the Middle zhuzu to section Karakesek Argyn tribe.
Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly
Kazakh folk musician, composer, dombra player, author kyuis (pieces for dombra).
Kudaiberdiev Shakarim
Kazakh poet, writer, translator, composer, historian and philosopher.
Shaken Aimanov Kenzhetaevich
Kazakh Soviet actor and film director. People's Artist of the USSR. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1940.
Kulyash Baiseitova
Soviet Kazakh opera singer.