«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Analysis of materials from Besshatyr
Besshatyr cemetery covers an area of 2 square km. However, monuments connected with Besshatyr mounds are spread much wider the area of repository. On the dais there are six enclosures, similar in shape and design of the fences of Besshatyr mounds. About 3 km to the west of mounds are the same four fences. Still further, about 10 km to the west is a large chain of 45 fences, elongated by snake from south to north.
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Afghan Kazakhs. Tragic fates of immigrants

Studying history of Kazakh diaspora we can make a conclusion that as a result of colonial policy of authorities, many people had tomigrate and some of them were banished from the country. 

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About heroic feat of 28 Panfilov division’s guardsmen
Mangilik El - International popular scientific historical magazine

Even in pre-war years, having been a member state of the USSR, Kazakhstan citizens participated in different combat operations and wars, feats of soldiers in the name of their motherland have always served as an example of patriotic education. In this way Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945, when millions of people served devotedly and gave their lives for the sake of victory over Fascism, should be mentioned in particular.

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Alikhan Bukeikhan: on some of the mysteries of the “Samara period”

The Samara period is the least researched and one of the more mysterious times in the life and activities of Alikhan Bukeikhan, the leader of the early 20th century national liberation movement, Alash. He spent his first period of political exile in Samara from 1908 until the February Revolution of 1917. The period is also interesting for the Alash leader’s active involvement in the ranks of the Russian Freemasons.

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Archaeology and the newest technologies

Scientists have recreated a relatively comprehensive picture of historical development of ancient Kazakhstan and culture during the years of existence of archaeology in Kazakhstan.

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Abylaykhan as a symbol of the state independence of Kazakhstan

Abylay Khan — the whole era of the history of Kazakhstan. His versatile talents were revealed in the fight for implementation of idea of independence.

Formation of any state is closely connected to appearance of the outstanding personality of the leader, who is capable to realize and embody long-time interests of the country and the people. Such figure in the Great steppe was Abylay khan, whose name is related with idea of independence, national unity and territorial integrity of Kazakhstan that was realized only at the beginning of the 21st century.
The problem of identity, determination of the place in world history, formation of statehood had fatal character both in the period of board of Abylay khan and at the stage of formation of the sovereign Kazakhstan.

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Armat Bektas's steppe philosophy of unity lines

Ten years ago, Armat showed me his pictures, sculptures, graphics with incomprehensible symbols for me in the Pyramid where the first time in the history of the world was a congress of world religions and spiritual harmony. They beckoned, called to research. The first time they were hard to understand. At the unconscious level felt massiveness, the scale of information contained in them.

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Architectural features of Saka mounds of East Kazakhstan

Architecture monuments of the Early Iron Age in East Kazakhstan, especially in the north-western Altay and Tarbagatay, are not studied well and will give the basic material to reconstruct the history. This article, in addition to materials from the works published, presents absolutely new data and fully demonstrates the concept of the architectural heritage of Saka. Archaeological sites of Shilikty surprised us with design features, architectural construction techniques and skills of art. Tombstone facilities of Saka were varied with a large diversity of styles and shapes. Wide fields of royal tombs were usually constructed in the peak of the period. Discoveries of the last years helped to understand the origin of statehood of the Saka period. The Early Saka archaeological sites of Shilikty (especially the royal ones), in complex with architecture mounds, high culture, architecture, and elegance of jewelry helped to reconstruct the historical and cultural picture of the past of the land. The peak of the foundation of Shilikty mounds was in VIII-VII ВС. Shilikty aligned in the valleys, then, later, in VI-V ВС was referred to Zhetysu. These confirm the similarity of two regions of the funerary and ritual monuments: jewelry Scythian-Saka animal style is a direct analogue with items from Shilikty barrows.

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On the face of it the phenomenon of Muslim feminism appears completely unexplainable. While in fact, as a social life trend it has existed for quite a long time, i. e. for more than a century. Knowledge of present-day “specialists” in gender issues’ sphere is quite limited. We have to admit that issues, which women had been fighting for a hundred years ago, have not lost their topicality even today; it is proved by Sagit Faizov’s research “A Movement of Muslim-women in Russia for women’s rights in 1917: pages of history”.

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We know the price and significance of the Great Victory, we are proud of it and revere veterans’ services to the Motherland and future generations. This year Kazakhstan just like many other states celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev himself started a series of celebration events: on the eve of 2015 akims of all regions congratulated veterans in behalf of the President of the country. From time to time in Kazakhstan one can hear an opinion that our country had no concern with the past war; there were not battles in our territory anyway. Having organized the event, the head of state made it clear how we should take the feat of our fathers and grandfathers who left for the front in those fatal forties in order to fight for our future, for native Kazakhstan.

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