«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Philosophy always belonged to history as the subject of own study, that consolidated in a special direction of the research called philosophy of history. It is a philosophical interpretation of the historic process. Although elements of philosophical understanding were in antique philosophy as a special branch of philosophy “philosophy of history”, it formed only in XVIII century. The title of this section was proposed by F.Voltaire for the first time, one of his works is called – “Philosophy of history”.

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Historic sources as a reflection of state history

History of peoples who inhabited Central Asia in the second half of XV century was marked with the emergence of the Kazakh khanate, “the first national state in Central Asia which had been founded by currently existing nation…”.

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History of Petropavlovsk

For the years of the existence Petropavlovsk changed not only its image, but also its meaning and mission. It was the combat outpost at the boundary of the tsarist Russia, place of fairs conduct, a huge railway station on way to Siberia.

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History of Karaganda Region

After the abolition of serfdom in 1961, unsupported with land, driven by poverty and famine from Chernozemsky Center of Russia and Ukraine began to move in the forest-steppe strip of Siberia and northern regions of Kazakhstan.

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