«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Reading Fra Mauro’s map
The World map created by Venetian monk Fra Mauro takes a special place as one of the most detailed maps. Fra Mauro’s Mappo Mundo map presents the world in accordance with the vision in 15 century and depicts the territory of Kazakhstan with some interesting details. Its study is interesting and important, because it can serve as a source to study history and development of Kazakh state in 15 century.
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Rich pre-war village Bereke

Recently thumbing through an old file of the regional newspaper "Akmolinskaya Pravda" as of May 21, 1941 (in one month before the beginning of the Great Patriotic war), I found a note under the catchy title "Everybody is happy". An excerpt from letters of settlers who arrived on May 4 of that year from Ukraine to the kolkhozes (or collective farms) "Kuigenzhar" and "Bereke" of Vishnevsky district of Akmola region was provided. The letter itself was previously published in the Ukrainian regional newspaper "Bolshevik Zaporozhya". 

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Reconstruction of the complex “Abylay khan’s residence”, archive reference

Abylay khan’s residence in Petropavlovsk city is the monument of national history of the Kazakh people. In the recreated building the exposition depicting the life activity of Abylay khan is located. The historical documents and exhibit items of the XVIII century are presented in the museum. 

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Research of dialectics and the logic of cognition

The peer-reviewed monograph is devoted to the actual problems of Logic – logic from the capital letter, dialectical logic, and dialectics as the original dialectics of contemporary scientific thinking. 

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Regional security and political stability in Central Asia

Since obtaining independence Central Asia states more actively engaged in international political processes of a globalizing world. During independence the countries achieved considerable success, key strategic goals were solved, basis of foundations was strengthened and directions of domestic and foreign policy were identified. 

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Research of monuments

The gain of Shu and Talas valleys and interfluve of these two rivers by Russian armies at their movement to Central Asia, joining to the Russian empire has defined the occurrence researchers in this area, including those who were interested in history and archaeology. The works devoted to archaeological monuments and ancient architectural constructions began to appear

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Religion in Kazakhstan

Islam became the official religion of the Kazakhs in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

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Regional Museum of Local History in Aktobe

The Regional Museum of Local History in Aktobe is a large research, cultural and educational center for preservation and propaganda of the cultural legacy. The museum was formed in 1929 at the initiative of the local ethnographers.

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