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Ancient art on the rocks of Kazakhstan

Bakytzhan Nisambekov

Petroglyphs of Kazakhstan — magnificent monuments of primitive and medieval art. Specifics of the Kazakhstan relief, feature of breeds of the stone composing a massif caused a wide dissemination of petroglyphs. In the territory of Kazakhstan there is an archaeological complex of the Tamgaly well-known for the whole world. In 2004 it was included into the list of the World cultural heritage of UNESCO. The Tamgaly — a monument which is in 170 km to the northwest from Almaty, in mountains Anyrakay where found the slots fine rock paintings which indeed are read by a sacral place for petroglyphs of Kazakhstan. Here it is possible to meet about 5000 petroglyphs which conceal in themselves interesting riddles of last time. The composition of petroglyphs of the Tamgaly is unique, and analogs him aren’t present in a pattern anywhere. The complex near the village of Karabastau of the Zhambylsky region of Almaty region is located. In 2003 on this place the State museum open-air is created.


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