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Zhandarbek’s unfading stars

Ye. Sadvakassova

Zhandarbek Malibekuly is the author of state emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is the Honorary Architect of the Republic of Uzbekistan, director of Institute of Ethnic Architecture. It should be noted that he is not used to being in the focus of journalists’ attention. Probably due to his innate modesty and good manners he does not seek for attention, so few people are aware of the fact that he is the author of Kazakhstan state emblem. It may seem strange that a specialist, who had lived in Uzbekistan for a long period of time, became the author of Kazakhstani emblem. It was not a coincidence or spontaneity, but great desire to work for his Motherland prosperity, which inspired this reputable man to take part in developing one of the state symbols in the far 1992.


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