«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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“The Golden Man” of K.A. Akishev

The “Golden Man” is the main exhibit of the Museum Fund of Kazakhstan. It is the exhibit which has been representing Kazakhstan at the major exhibitions and international vernissages since 1974. The Gold Warrior was discovered more than 40 years ago.

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“Warlike Muhammad” or Abu Urus-khan at-Turki al-Uzbeki
The reaseracher of the eastern anthroponimics A.G.Gafurov writes: “There are occasions when an infant has any prominent national characteristics. They saw a special sign in it, and the sign was depicted in the name … All the nations of Central Asia, also Tatars and Kazakhs often called a fair haired child (“similar to a Russian) as Urus (“Russian”). But, chronologically earlier and geographically far from Rusб the use of this anthroponym implies, in A.G.Gafurov’s opinion, another etymology. 

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“New biographical history”: historical personalities

Historical biography, known since the ancient times, was inseparable component of the European historiography. In the Middle Age by the dominance of the Catholic church the biography came down to the description of saints, however, it revived in the Renaissance epoch and reached the grand scale in the modern time becoming the most popular genre of historical writings.

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“Do not separate me from the steppe…”. Tselina with Evdokiya Zaychukova
Yerekbolat Kabylda
In the book of recollections “Tselina” L.I.Btrezhnev wrote about her, “…Evdokiya Andreevna Zaychukova came to the virgin land when she was about fifty. But she preserved quick temper, strong character, and, mainly, she had a hot heart of the communist and patriot.”
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“Genealogy of Turks” by Abilgazy

Abilgazy wrote about the early Turkic times, Genghis khan’s dynasty, and the later epoch. 

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In the poem the last period of the formation of the Kazakh people is illustrated. 

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