«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Goloshchekin's Assault on the Kazakh Elite

Goloshchekin, appointed to the post of First Secretary of the party’s Krai Committee in 1925, in a letter to I. Stalin outlining the main tasks involved in state-building in Kazakhstan and confirming the commitment of the republic’s leaders to that course, noted that «in all oblasts before the Fifth conference [in December 1925] building was underway, without affecting the auls [nomadic settlements], and aimed at tackling national issues, without concerning class issues within the nation.»

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Grave of the khan Kene army and Smagul Saduakassov
“Mangilik El”- International popular scientific magazine

History of any city starts with its old burial grounds and ancient monuments.
It is widely known that our capital bore the name ‘Akmola» till 1998. In wide sense, ‘mola» is a place of purity and faith. There are following folk expressions: «If you lost your way, spend the night near grave», «There is no place for Satan in a burial place’, „Burial ground is a sacred place, but a place without burial ground is callous“, „God is a grave protector“, etc. These expressions clearly explain the role of burial grounds in our history.

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Geopolitical formations of Eurasianism

Eurasianism appeared among the Russian emigration in 1920s that provided a number of interesting and indigenous directions in Philosophy, Cultural studies and Literature. One of these directions of development was Geopolitics of Eurasianism. This article provides an overview of the main geopolitical formations of Eurasianism. 
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Guryev city (Atyrau) in the period of Stalingrad battle

The Great Patriotic War was a big challenge not only for the Soviet system, but also for all people. Common spiritual space contributed to the inclusion, but there were no reasons to talk about any moral-political unity of the Soviet society on the eve of war. 

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Golden Horde’s dynasty Bek-Sufi: history and genealogy issues

The history of the Golden Horde’s dynasty Bek-Sufi was not the subject of the acute stud, mainly the genealogy of Bek-Sufi was discussed. 

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Gaukhar batyr. The forgotten heroism
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Genghis khan's unattainable eternal tomb

Over the 200 year-period of persistent searches, only one foreigner managed to visit mausoleum of Great Khagan. 

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Gabaevka petroglyphs

There is a picture of three archers with a marked male trait and nine men hand in hand in the petroglyphs of Gabaevka village. 

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