«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Life writes history on particles – our task is to collect them

In June, 2013 on enlarged meeting of the Interdepartmental working group on questions of study of national history under the chairmanship of the State Secretary of Kazakhstan M. Tazhin the decision to organize collection, systematization and classification all available abroad and in the country of historical material about national history of Kazakhs and Kazakhstan was made. To create the full list of the available manuscripts, artifacts, books, others printing, audio-and the video records, etc. which are stored in the museums, libraries, archive centers abroad and within the country.

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Labor Migration in Kazakhstan

At present, post-Soviet countries arrived at different stages of social and economic development. They are characterized by various degrees of ability to be adapted to the requirements of the world economic system. Each post-Soviet country has a unique migratory regime depending on its social and economic development level, situation on the international labor market, the quality and quantity of human potential.

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Lev Gumilyov and Kazakhstan with the past to the future

Lev Gumilyov’s amazing ability to link the past and future, finding echo of anciency in everyday life, surprisingly accurately correlates with Kazakh tradition to collate all ongoing events with ancestral experience. His exploratory audacity, unique algorithm of scientific retrieval, fantasy, love of life and insight have conquered minds and imagination of bellicose nomads-Turks’ descendants. The historian himself often demonstrated deep understanding of Kazakhs’ deeds, invariably correlating them with history, customs and traditions.

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Life and work of Karibzhanov Fazyl Karimovich (1912-1960)
Fazyl Karimovich Karibzhanov was an outstanding personality and talented statesman, who conducted the organizational work on the reconstruction of agriculture and more. In the whole, he made a huge contribution to economic development of the republic and was highly appreciated by the governing body.
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Language of Kazakh ornament as the expression of people’s viewpoint in symbols

The national ornaments reflecting the viewpoint of Kazakh people and differing with huge viewpoint worth the distinguished attention. 

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