«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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On the question of studying inter-ethnic relations in Kazakhstan

Inter-ethnic relations are extremely delicate sphere of social interaction. It required uninterrupted attention, monitoring and control. Certainly, at the currently stage we can be proud of present stability in our multicultural society which seems to be a grace against the backdrop of the world inter-civilizational clashes and wars.

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OGPU Eliminates the Alash Intelligentsia

Having removed almost all opponents from among the republic’s leadership, Goloshchekin essentially continued on the direct route to his cherished goal. Now he could turn his attentions and tackle headlong the Alash Orda intelligentsia who were so despised by him and by Moscow.

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Origins of the Kazakhs
Some scholars assume that this term originally bore the sense of a free person, a wanderer. It gradually acquired a social content, defining the status of an individual or a group that had cut itself off from its clan or tribe.
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Oasis of Otrar

The Otrar oasis is located on the middle Syr Darya river near the confluence with the Arys river, modern Otrar area, South Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan. This rich complex of channels, oxbow lakes and shifting floodplains formed the site of the Oasis of Otrar, a key settlement in Central Asia on one of the routes of the Silk Road.

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In the beginning of the nineties of the last century, the Orthodox Church of Russia recognized activities of searching groups, such as “Cleansing of Russia’s conscience”. It is high evaluation of our searching group “Memorial zone” of the Eurasian National University (ENU) named after L. Gumilev as well; it has been conducting field search for more than 25 years. Professional search activity, combining archival and field search, was aimed at clarification of fates of those reported missing and fallen, among whom there were 2607 soldiers and commanders of the Great Patriotic war.

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On some aspects of influence of Arab-Muslim cultural traditions on the history of development of Bashkir literature.

The Arab-Muslim culture had influence on culture and literature of peoples of the Ural-Volga region, and this requires serious analysis and understanding. It should be appreciated that up to 20s of XX century Bashkir literature, like all Turkic literature kept the reference point mainly to the East. On this basis, it is difficult to imagine the depth and breadth of these cultural and literary relations. All these traditions and relations are reviewed in this article. 

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On kol and sol kol - wings of Ulus of Juchi

As a result of Mongol invasions all territory of Kazakhstan became part of the Mongol Empire. The territory of Dasht-i-Kipchak –as eastern, so western parts (after the “western campaign” 1237-1242) were included to the newly formed Ulus of Juchi. 

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Our knitting factory
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Ornamentation and symbols: Beauty and meaning in everyday life

Ornamentation is not simply decoration. It is a special language and knowing that language opens a path to the nomad’s world of art

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On the holy sites of Kazakhstan

In a set of cult buildings the memorial constructions – mausoleums are especially relevant. The development of a cult sacred in Islam, imposed on ancient reverence of spirits of ancestors, especially strong among Kazakhs was a fertile field for this kind of architecture. 

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