«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Uyghur people

Radlov has the legend of an origin of Uyghur people, according to which in ancient times in Gaoshan area, which are the lands of Uyghur people, called Gulin and where two rivers Tohula and Selenga takes their origin. Suddenly sunlight began to stream from the tree that grew on mountain in this interfluve. People came there to look at the miracle. The three was not only poured our bright light, but also was convex like a pregnant woman. Five sons were born from this tree and people started to call them Divine. They brought and grew up them and gave them names such as Sunkartegin, Koturtegin, Tugeltegin, Ortegin and Bukategin, and the last one was their khan.

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In the spring of 1643 Kazakh soldiers leaded by Zhangir khan gained a victory over the numerous army of Batur Khong Tayiji. That was sparked a massive public outcry. This event was on the list of significant data of Europe, Asia and India appears in the reports Russian secret-service agents and officers. In research studies of V. Z. Galiev include all information about the war, but there is no information about location of the event, there is any geographical names and expressions. But special attention is paid to the fact that Zhangir khan drug a ditch at the narrowest place between two mountains, the first half of the troops were hidden in this place, and the second half of troops were attacked the enemy from the rear.

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Ulytau takes a special sacred place in the history of Eurasia nomads. It is a geographic landmark where the greater unity of Kazakh people was attained, a natural temple, connecting three Kazakh zhuzes in a single state. Geological chronology of this mountain group coincides with the rhythms of history of Kazakh people. So people honor this place as sacred and call mountains Ulytau – Great mountains. 

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