«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Weapons of Kazakh warriors

Kazakhs were peaceful nation. They appreciated peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, good joke and sharp words. Permanent migration from one place to another, ongoing incursions of enemies, who encroached on steppes, stimulated Kazakh unpretentiousness, faith in fate, determination in the face of approaching danger. Kazakh nomads didn’t attack to occupy others’ lands. However, as soon as difficulties appeared and enemies came closer to the steppe borders, a breeder turned into a warrior.

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Word and doctrine of ancient Turkic society

In the states of Bumyn, Kutlyg, Kultegin and Tonyukuk word’s meaning and power had a higher value. Stone monuments repeatedly emphasize the poly-functional destination of words. The authors strictly controlled the accuracy and precision of their words, because they did not doubt that these words endure through the ages and future generations would build their lives on the basis of them.

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We are the people of Mangilik El
In the given article the main principles of Mangilik El and certain steps of the Plan of the Nation had been contemplated by Olzhas Suleymenov, a public figure of Kazakhstan.
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Whether philosophy is needy in the higher institution or again about wisdom

Today, the issue is being risen more often about whether philosophy needy in our society and is not that high time to abolish teaching of it in the higher institution? There not many scientists, specially, of the technical direction who express doubts about the usefulness of philosophy.

Textbooks and tutorials edited during last years in the countries of the near-abroad countries indicate that the core of the modern state of the subject of philosophy become such notions as pluralism, problematicity and openness. 

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Written sources on the Kazakh Khanate

As the prominent Russian Orientalist T.I.Sultanov pointed out, the specifics of the research of the medieval history of Kazakhstan largely determined by weak spreading of written language and book education among the Kazakhs. It should be noted, the only work created in the early of XVII century was by a representative of Zhalair tribe Kadyrgali-bek

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