«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Zhandarbek’s unfading stars

Zhandarbek Malibekuly is the author of state emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is the Honorary Architect of the Republic of Uzbekistan, director of Institute of Ethnic Architecture. It should be noted that he is not used to being in the focus of journalists’ attention. Probably due to his innate modesty and good manners he does not seek for attention, so few people are aware of the fact that he is the author of Kazakhstan state emblem. It may seem strange that a specialist, who had lived in Uzbekistan for a long period of time, became the author of Kazakhstani emblem. It was not a coincidence or spontaneity, but great desire to work for his Motherland prosperity, which inspired this reputable man to take part in developing one of the state symbols in the far 1992.

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Back in 2013 Murat Sdykov said, “Uralsk is more than 700 years old”. The city was established much earlier than generally accepted date, which is 1613! For the first time Yaitsk was mentioned in a written source in 1580, Karamzin wrote about our city in 1598. Who told you, that this is nobody’s land? One of the major discoveries in Kazakhstani archaeology of the XXI century is discovery of a cite of medieval settlement located 12 km. from modern Uralsk. History of Kazakhs in a new perspective The settlement “Zhajyk”, located to the south of Uralsk on the shore of the Ural River, consists of two parts. The first part is the city itself, whose area with visible traces of housing systems makes about 8 hectares; the second part of the settlement is represented by necropolis, located 2 km. to the west of settlement on the top of Svistun Mountain.

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