«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Kazakhstan during the World War the 2nd (1941-1945)

The contribution of the home front to the victory in the Great Patriotic War was significant and priceless.
In extreme conditions of the Great Patriotic War, importance and role of Kazakhstan in ensuring the army and population of agricultural products and industrial raw materials increased significantly.
The mass evacuation carried out in the USSR in 1941–1942 was unprecedented in the history of nations and peoples, both in their scope and duration, also on the circumstances in which it was conducted.
The history of Poland has been related with the history of Kazakhstan over the last 200 year
Repositioning of main productive forces from the front line and dangerous regions to the East was one of the most significant pages in the history of the Great Patriotic War.
The Great Patriotic War changed the lives of all the people of the Soviet Union, millions of people went as volunteers for the war, heroically worked at the rear, contributing to the Great Victory.
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