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N. Nazarbayev
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The plan of the following industrialization phase O.I. Yegorov, Dr. Sc. Economics, Professor, Institute of Economics CS of the MES RK
D.A. Aitzhanova, Ph.D. in Economics, A.P., Institute of Economics CS of the MES RK
The necessity of rational long-term policy of state in the area of a foreign national debt management becomes apparent.
This article highlights the main problems of modernization regions in Kazakhstan associated with spatial constraints, in the difference level of development regions.
The article discusses some approaches to improve the evaluation system of financial security and provides recommendations to ensure the financial security of Kazakhstan.
The purpose of the article is the development of a conceptual model of the possible risks influence on the national security of the country in the innovation sector of the economy.
Department of National Economics Theory and Development of Economic Relations, Institute of Economy of the Science Committee upon the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The book shows characteristics, principles, advantages and problems of cluster development. In the book examines prerequisites, conditions and stages of the cluster.