«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Analytics and Expertise

Kazakhstan’s way of forming a model of statehood began with economic reforms.
``...the soviet government placed over the Turkestan troops And sacrificed women and children’s lives (See in Ryskulov`s, Sorokin`s and Safarov`s evidence`` Mustafa Shokhay
Review of the collection of scientific articles "Central Asia: person, society, state" (Institute of general history of the Russian Academy of Sciences. M, 2013; in the press)
In the article "Road to Good and Prosperity" Dr.Econ.Sci., the honored worker of RK Omirbek Baygeldi focuses attention to fenomenality and versatility of culture of the Kazakh people, its traditions
Archeologists of Kazakhstan on places have to show every possible effort on preservation of our cultural heritage together with representatives of authorized body on preservation of monuments of arche
The main objective of historians - finishing to the general public of the main ways of formation of modern Kazakhstan as independent state, and Kazakhstan citizens as modern full-blooded society.
The main problem is outlined our lag from achievements of a world historiography in which long ago there was a revaluation of methods of historical knowledge.
The historical science of Kazakhstan should solve the questions at issue demanding new approaches, reconsiderations of historical process, formation of new historical thinking.
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