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Bronze Age

At the turn of the 1st millennium B.C. population growth exceeded the speed of development of productive forces of the Andronovo society
Archaeologists registered more than hundred settlements of ancient stock-breeders and miners on the territory of Kazakhstan
In clan that once was united community some patriarchal families began to act as independent economic collectives, while the aspiration for economic isolation was not confined by the sphere of economi
Cult of the dead had significant role in the life of the Andronovo people.
This culture was one of the most significant during the Bronze Age in Europe and Asia.
The 2d millennium B.C. was marked by several features which defined completely new stage of human society’s evolution.
At the beginning of this time on the territory of Kazakhstan the representatives of the so-called yamnoi cultural and historical community penetrated to the territory of Kazakhstan from the West.
The Indo-European disputes brought particular interest about the question of the origin of children burial ritual at the Indo-Aryans of ancient tribes
Progress of society during the Bronze Age is determined by two factors. One of them, determining a new age, was manufacturing developing of paleometals.
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