«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Yermuhamedova Aizhan Pernebayevna: History witnessed a set of brutal crimes committed for the sake of God. Why it happens so?

The religion is urged to rescue soul of the person, and together with it and mankind, generating on the earth of patterns, good and justice.

Hankeldy Abzhanov: Hunger at the beginning of 30’s of the 20th century in Kazakhstan: Crime and Punishment

The Soviet period of National history takes the special place in this far incomplete system of values of the events’ chronicle. On a wave of the Bolshevism the Kazakh Soviet statehood revived, the economic, economic, socio-cultural appearance of the country. The qualitative, new intellectual potential of the nation has been developed. Achievements of the Soviet Kazakhstan nobody deny.

Erimbetova Kunduzay Myrzashovna: Some questions of migration policy during Soviet period in Kazakhstan: sources and consequences

In Soviet time in Kazakhstan as the result of violent change of the state system, society came to chaos, bloody civil war, to division on white and red, etc. All these influenced on origin of public crisis, led to degradation of universal values in general.

Mazhidenova Dariko Magauyanovna: The origins of Kazakh diplomacy

It is known in the East the professional skills of ambassadors, diplomats who forced «stars to ascend on rising of negotiations» could «polish a love mirror and make it shine», «strengthen friendship, to remind former love, the roots and bases of which are firm». The remarkable Central Asian philosopher Khodja Samandar Termezi, for example, read that the ambassador settles such affairs which cannot be realized by support of one hundred brave troops.

Jeanne Kydyralina: From Alash Horde to Independent Kazakhstan: succession of ideas

Today in the country there is a targeted work on revival of historical consciousness of society. Only knowing history of the people and the country, there is understanding of the special value of the independence found at the end of the last century.

Burkitbay Ayagan: We are facing big tasks

Today, the most discussed problem in society became a problem of reforming of the Kazakhstan historical science. This problem of functioning of historical science as full-fledged scientific discipline existed for a long time. The reasons of crisis were also known: involvement of ideology of this science, feeble methodological basis etc. The meeting held by the State secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Tazhin became a critical event and created strong basis for update.

Auanasova Alima: The consequences of collectivization

The consequences of collectivization destroyed system of a survival during famine

Auanasova Alima: Expert opinion on the article of M.Anafinovoy “Dynamics of development of Kazakh-US relations”

The article is given the analysis of the development of the history of Kazakh-US relations at the present stage.

Mazhitov Sattar Fazylovich: Humanitarian image of Kazakhstan in the global crisis

Today humanitarian format of the country is in a state of readiness for the transition to dynamic actions. However, there is necessity of constant complement and advancement it further. There is a saying - "a time to gather stones". This will develop ideas about the potential of the efforts of our compatriots in the interaction and commitment to the future.

Jeanne Kydyralina: Alimkhan Yermekov. He remained himself

One of the most dramatic pages in the centuries-old fight of Kazakhs for independence is history of Alash movement and its famous leaders. Former members of the Alash, representatives of Kazakh administrative elite and intelligentsia laid the foundation of Kazakh statehood.
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