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Institute of Linguistics for the name of A.Baitursynov

Institute of Linguistics . A.Baitursynov established in 1961 In 1934 he formed the Kazakh Research Institute of the national culture , has been studying the history , archeology , literature and folklore, language engineering , visual , musical and theatrical choreography . In 1936, in the framework of the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences of the USSR entered KazNII national culture, including the sector of the Kazakh language , literature and folklore. In 1942 , the Institute of Language and Literature , in 1961 founded the Institute of Linguistics, on the basis of linguistic divisions of the Institute of Language and Literature . The Institute is engaged in the development of topical problems of Kazakh linguistics and Turkic . The institute has seven divisions: grammar, phonetics, and onomastic terminology ethnolinguistics , culture, language, history of the Kazakh language and dialects , and applied linguistics. In 1990 , the Institute was named the outstanding scientist, the founder of Kazakh linguistics , social activist A.Baitursynov . The Institute studies the problems of phonetics , syntax , vocabulary, ethnolinguistics , terminology, and onomastics . Research Institute is widely used in universities , high schools and other educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan . The institute has academics KazSSR Kenesbay S. , N. Sauranbayev , corresponding members Amanzholov S. , G. Musabaev , A. Iskakov and operate National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan , AT Kaidarov , corresponding members Balakaev M. , S. Sarybaev , Syzdykova R. , W. Aitbaev . At the institute operates the Special Adviser on thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philology , operates full-time and part-time postgraduate study . Kazakh SSR State Prizes are awarded for the 10 -volume " Dictionary of the Kazakh language " Iskakov A. , B. Kaliyev Januzakov T. , A. Bolganbaev , A. Imanbaev , Z. Mashabaeva but for " Phrase of the Kazakh language " - C. Kenesbay . Director of the Institute - Doctor of Philology Husainov K. Sh .

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