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National Congress of Historians of Kazakhstan

On 16-th of September, 2011 in Astana, the I Congress of Historians of Kazakhstan, which aims to raise to a qualitatively new level of historical science in Kazakhstan, coordination and promotion of research in the field of research, preservation, development and promotion of the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people. The Congress was attended by prominent historians, orientalists, archaeologists, archivists, anthropologists, political scientists, philosophers, cultural Kazakhstan, young scientists and researchers from the history of Kazakhstan and abroad. In the course of the Congress were reviewed and discussed current problems of the methodology of the study of modern Russian history, the problems of nationhood, national idea, integration into the world community, cultural heritage, etc. There was a meaningful and fruitful exchange of views on the search for new approaches and new ways of learning and development historical Science of Kazakhstan, the preparation and publication of the joint efforts of scientists, teachers, teacher trainers of new textbooks and teaching aids, which should be reflected in the reconstructed history of Kazakhstan. On the basis of these discussions , the participants of the Congress I Kazakh historians suggest the following : 1. In order to reconstruct the history and culture of Kazakhstan on the basis of new approaches and newly identified eastern and western European archival sources and artifacts stored in overseas stores and libraries, initiated as a continuation of the State program " Cultural heritage " new program " Ғylymi Kazyna " (" Treasure of science" ) 2. To require the Institute of History and Ethnology . Ch.Ch. Valikhanov create an interdisciplinary program for the preparation and publication of the "History of Kazakhstan" in 10 volumes with the participation of institutions of social sciences and humanities Science Committee of RK , 3. By the Institute of Archaeology . AH Margulan the development of a new concept of archaeological research in Kazakhstan , covering all aspects of the organization of research work at the present level , the choice of topical areas of research , 4. Introduce in the learning process of Source and historiography , as well as auxiliary historical disciplines ( genealogy , heraldry , diplomatics , historical metrology , numismatics, paleography , sphragistics , chronology, epigraphy , etc.), sorting them, the programs history education universities and secondary specialized schools ; 5 . Efforts to integrate research and education in the field of preparation and publication of textbooks and teaching materials on the domestic and world history. In the study of the course " History of Kazakhstan " in schools unhistorical profile to focus on the events and processes of independence , 6. Reinforce language training , with a focus on quality learning foreign , ancient and "dead " languages 7. Initiate a permanent forum of Kazakhstan "History and Historians " in the development of strategic challenges facing the national historical science , protection of academic science from profanity , amateurism and incompetence . The forum should consist of leading experts in various fields, which will determine the main directions of development of historical science in Kazakhstan ( with a view to the efficient use of state support ), based on priorities , available resources , relevance issues , etc. 8. The Forum should develop the concept of the history of Kazakhstan , within which to develop research in the country's history through state subsidies and which should be followed in the field of education public universities and their formal programs in relevant disciplines ; 9. Put to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the establishment of a special historical, cultural , educational and educational TV channel , which on a regular basis, at a high level of professionalism and patriotic positions covered a variety of aspects of national , regional , Eurasian and world history ; 10 . Create the Department of Scientific Information on Social Sciences , created during his publishing house , an electronic library with links to foreign organizations of a similar direction to establish a broad exchange of information and the replenishment of the source base of Kazakhstan foreign sources ; 11. Increase the quota of seats for the intended direction in doktaranturu RhD young master's and Ph.D. from the staff of research organizations ; 12. Wider use and attract scientific and intellectual potential scientific research institutes, the leading active development, to science and teaching . Necessary to achieve that 10% of teaching load of historical professions schools performed leading scientists research organizations , 10% of research projects implementing research organizations were professors and teaching staff of universities . 13. Do not let the observed practice of universities , especially technical profile , ignoring the complex humanities , above all, the "History of Kazakhstan." These branches of knowledge form the students the correct outlook and values and guidelines.

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