«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future».
N. Nazarbayev
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Association of Kazakhstani Historians

The "Association of Kazakhstani Historians" is the community of scientists, whose interests cover Central Asian region. The Association of Kazakhstani Historians" deems the great role of History in the formation of democracy in our society. Historical education in Kazakhstani educational institutions has to decide the advancement of democratic reform, promotion of the sense of patriotism in every citizen. Anxiety of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan about conditions of historical education shows the necessity of drawing up the new policy in teaching History at secondary schools and universities. Needs in it come from the discussions among the so-called scientific society in mass media, which tries to use History as a comfortable instrument to achieve their final goals. The activity of the Kazakhstani professional historian's community is focused on the improvement of the basic situation related to the historical science and public's view about our past to meet their needs, first of all, to increase the status of historical science in the society and to form such concepts like citizen, democracy and patriotism among the Kazakhstani people using History as a mechanism. Members of The Association of Kazakhstani Historians deem that a new national history as any science has to stand, first of all, on the service of society. History teaches the citizens how to fulfill the world- view functions. Modern historism is a civil equality, based on the patriotism and community as the past and also as their future.