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Solo exhibition by Olga Kroytor

13 September 2016
Solo exhibition by Olga Kroytor
September 13, 2016 a press-conference and the opening of solo exhibition by Olga Kroytor ‘Excluding balance’ was held at A.Kasteyev State Museum of Arts.

Olga Kroytor is familiar to Almaty people — her performance was successfully shown at the festival ArtbatFest in Almaty in 2015. Video documentation of one of them ‘Standing point’ was a part of the exhibition, she won ‘Kandinsky Prize’ in the nomination ‘Young artist. Project of the year’ for that performance. 


 During the performance, Olga was standing on a four-meter pole for a few hours, showing the instability of any thinking person on the modern world. Another performance, documentation of which was shown under the exposition ‘Time that exists’ was implemented in Vladivostok in 2015. During the event, Olga dug the soil up on the hill ‘Holodilnik’ in Vladivostok making well-trodden road. Every 2 hours the artist recorded the time and installed signs marking the current moment. Olga gives the physical shape to the time with the help of labor. As a result, a flag ‘Time that exists’ — confirmation of time embodiment and struggle with transparency of statements was planted. 

 The works by Olga Kroytor, in particular, video ‘Raspad’ (‘Breakdown’) is the systematic analysis of personal experiences, feelings and fears. Her inner search is interrupted by ‘stop-frame’ in the form of implemented work, which is the visual reflection of current thinking, the result of external influence on the space of emotional search. The artist demonstrates the will, perseverance and progression in her search. Themes of destruction, dying and heterogeneity for Olga Kroytor are the part of the ongoing continuous process, which is the course of life by definition. 

 Video and photo documentation of artist’s six performances of different years, from 2011 to 2016, two video works ‘Raspad’ (‘Collapse’) and ‘Plohoi son’ (‘Bad dream’) specially made installation ‘Excluding balance’ for museum space, where the original work by Lev Bakst from museum collection participates, are presented on the exhibition. Managers of the exhibition are Vitaly Patsyukov and Marianna Gogova. 


The artist showed performance ‘The Cocoon’ within the framework of exhibition opening, documentation of which is the part of exposition.

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